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Food deying flowers – Tutorial 2

Last Sunday I went for a bike ride with my twin boys, which means that they went on their bikes and I ran behind them but well. I spotted these little fluffy things and thought what can I do with those? So we picked some and took them home.

 bunny tails

So they look pretty in a vase but let’s add some colour with food dye abit of an old trick but heaps of fun right!? I got 2 tall tumblers with 1/4cup of cold water and a teaspoon of blue and a teaspoon of red in the other glass.

materials needed

Then we started dipping about a 1/3 in red, 1/3 in blue and after that mixing blue and red together to make purple but unfortunately turned out to be a browny color for the last 1/3. After dipping they are completely soaked and you sort of roll them between your thumb and finger to get all the excess off. See here the 3 colors when wet.

wet fluffies

After this I made them into a little bouquet, as you can see the colors go quite pale after they dry.


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Inspirational Easter links 4

Easter is almost here, are you ready? I have been trying quite hard to find some inspirational links and fresh tutorials for Easter but so far I have only come up with these, most of them can also be found via Crafster’s new Easter board here

Thread eggs at BH & G Magazine

tree egg

Via Maize Hutton I found some very cute Bunny Bob Pins you can find the pattern on the page in pdf-format.

bunny pins

Doohickies, Whatchamacallits, and Thingamagigs brings a tutorial on some very cute chickies.


Natural Dyeing of Easter Eggs via What’s Cooking America

Easter Egg Art maybe gets you inspired… if not have a look for a laugh!

And 2 great tutorial on Skip to my Lou for Chalkboard Easter Eggs and Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk

chalk eggs

chalkboard eg

A ver cute Amigurumi bunny pattern via Jilly flowers.

bunny pattern

A pattern for Easter egg cozies via Crafster.

easter egg cozy

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More owls

So they do come in swarms…..


I am very curious to see if anybody else has made some, please leave a link in the comments so I can have a look 🙂

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to

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Tutorial Try Out 4 – Owl by Moonstitches

After I found this tutowlrial on the 26th of March I could hardly wait to start on these very cute owls. I found a template for the pattern here it’s on the top of the page which I found very handy and together with Moonstiches excellent photo’s there was not a lot to write about. The only problem I had was that my sewing machine has mysteriously broken down after 2, 5 year olds had been touching it. “I did not do anything Mum.. really..” Unable to wait I handstitched my little owl together, I think making it on the machine would give a nicer finish though so I will definately try again once I have figured out which part of my machine has been touched….

Anyway enough talk, here is my first owl.

finsihed owl

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to


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Book review 2

While browsing through the “returned-today” area of our local library I found this book. It’s called “complete feltmaking – easy techniques and 25 great great projects” by Gillian Harris, ISBN 1-84340-369-2.

The inside flap reads; “Complete feltmaking covers all aspects of feltmaking, including making flat felt, creating 3-D shapes, felting klitted work, needle felting and slightly more advanced techniques such as cobweb felting. From a cheerful polka-dot bag and plush slippers to a whimsical mobile and heart-warming tea cosy, this spirited primer offers a vibrant range of projects for beginner and advanced felters. Once the crafter has become comfortable with basic techniques, she/he can graduate to more complex felting projects in the advanced chapter. Each technique is crafeully explained in detail with step-by-step instructions and accompanied by several innovative projects to keep you constantly inspired. This book includes everything you need to bring felt to your wardrobe and home.”

If you are interested you might also want to check out her website here .

And I don’t have anything to add to that, enjoy the pictures.



page 2

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to

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Learn to knit 1

Since we are going towards winter in this part of the world I have set myself a new goal; learning how to knit. My question to you, dear reader, since I don’t have my mum living around the corner, which book, tutorial, website can you recommend?

Please leave a comment so I can have a look and also please tell me why this is the best way, I mean did you learn it this way or maybe you have even written this tutorial yourself? I can do a little crocheting so hopefully the step from 1 to 2 needles is not too much to juggle.

Here are some links to amazingly inspiring knitting blogs and most of them have some great free patterns too!


So much yarn, so little time!

Two Left Needles

Grumperina goes to local yarn shops and Home Depot


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Inspirational links 3

I have had an extremely busy weekend so unfortunately no tutorial try outs today. Here are some inspirational links to keep the crafty-juices going though.

Look at these extremely cool robots.


 Very pretty birds at While She Naps.


And Moonstitches has posted a tutorial about these incredible owls! I have been checking them out for weeks and they will definately be my next tutorial try out that said I am the worlds worst sewer so they might not look this good…


Have a look here for one of the finalists of the Softie Awards and this lovely fabric bucket.

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