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Your Craft Space


I just moved from one apartment to another this weekend. Moving is stressful and difficult, to say the least. However, it’s gotten me to think about my craft space and how I want to organize it.

I wish I had a whole room to dedicate to crafting, but I’m lucky to get just a corner of a room. I want the space to be organized as well as creative, but that’s a tall order, especially with limited space. I’m inspired by some of the great ideas at Country Living’s Make a craft room photo gallery. Check it out and look at all the cool things you can do with your craft space.

What about your craft space? Do you have a whole room set aside for crafts, or just a desk or a closet? Does your space inspire you, and if not, what could you change in order to make it inspiring?

*Image courtesy of decor8

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Craft Funk

Have you ever been in a craft funk? That’s what I call it when I have projects I’m in the middle of but I don’t feel like doing them, or when I see all kinds of cute crafts around me but I still don’t feel inspired to craft.

If you’ve been in a craft funk, how do you cope with it? Here are some of the things I’m thinking about doing:

  • Waiting it out. This isn’t ideal, because I want to get crafting! But surely the funk will disappear sometime on its own, right?!
  • Trying something completely different. Maybe I just need a change of pace. I usually crochet or do paper crafts, so I may try my hand at sewing if I get brave enough. That just might push me out of the craft funk I’m in.
  • Make time for crafting. Sometimes I want to do something crafty but I just can’t find the time. So I’m going to make a special effort to designate some craft time for me.
  • Make something easy. Sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction to get your craft juices going. An easy project might get me on the path back to crafty goodness!

Those are my thoughts on getting rid of this nasty craft funk. Anyone else have some tips they’d like to share?

–Holli Jo

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Celebrate Earth Day – Craft & Recycle!


Earth Day is just around the corner (April 22nd). In honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d highlight some of the crafts you can make from used material. Craft something that’s earth friendly today!


Tealight Decoration using recycled cardboard tubing.

Magazine Bowl – a bowl made of magazine pages. Amazing!

Make your own Paper – Use up your paper scraps and make new paper.

Handbag made from books – This is the coolest! Refashion an old book into a cool purse.


Peasant top – Cute shirt made from a thrift store muumuu.

T-shirt into Tube Top – It even has cute pockets.

Refashioned T-shirt – Make an oversized shirt fit you.

Field Bag – Use your old clothing to make this cool field bag.

Denim Potholder – Cute way to reuse your old jeans.

Knit Tea Cozy – Use up your leftover yarn stash!


Crocheted Plastic Bag Tote – Cute bag made from plastic bags.

Messenger Bag – Another crocheted bag using plastic bags.

Fusing plastic bags – This tutorial teaches you how to fuse plastic bags together, which can then be used to make all kinds of cool stuff!

VCR Tape Evening Bag – Have a bunch of old VHS tapes you don’t need? Crochet the tape into this fabulous bag!


Aluminum Can Jewelry – A beautiful way to reuse an aluminum can. And it’s wearable.

*Photo by aussiegall

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Vintage blog to check out

I wanted to share one of my favorite new blogs with you: Millie Motts. She is a self-proclaimed collector of all things 1940s-60s, and she shares all kinds of awesome photos on her blog. Here’s one example of the great pictures you’ll find on the blog (From a post entitled “banana appeal”):


Check out Millie Motts for yourself and tell me you’re not hooked!

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to

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Mini Dry-Erase Board

To go along with my theme of refashioning envelopes, I decided to make a mini dry-erase board from the window part of an envelope. It’s so easy and fun to make. I got the idea from Claudine Hellmuth’s project here.


  • Envelope with window
  • Decorative paper
  • Magazine or book you can cut up
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I used Mod Podge)

Here’s all you do:

  • Cut the window out of an envelope.
  • Cut some pictures from a magazine.
  • You need a thicker piece of paper for the backing, so cut that to size.

You should end up with something like this:

Envelope Craft 002

  • Next, glue your pictures onto the backing
  • Glue the backing and the window together
  • Lastly, glue a decorative border around the front of the window.

Here’s my final result. It’s pretty amateurish, but a good first try:

Envelope Craft 003

Now I need to get some dry-erase markers and write some fun messages on it!

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Knit a hat for newborns

baby hat

Since I’ve been talking about baby hats lately, I thought I would share this awesome way to get involved and make a difference in the life of a child.

Save the Children is calling on knitters (and non-knitters willing to learn) everywhere to knit newborn baby hats to send to newborns around the world. A hat protects infants in other countries from getting pneumonia and potentially helps save their lives.

So check it out. If you’re a knitter, perfect! And if you’re not, they even have a section dedicated to teaching us non-knitters (I don’t know how to knit yet, either) the basics of knitting. Pretty cool. Let us know if you decide to do it – I’d love to see your pictures.

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Perfect Baby Hat

I’m having my first baby in August. Because of that, a lot of my craft ideas have turned toward baby things. What I’d like to make is a baby hat that won’t be too warm to wear during the summer. Here are three different crochet patters I’m thinking about. Ignoring the color (because I’ll probably choose different colors), which hat pattern do you like the best?

1. Baby Swirls



2. Bev’s Easy Round Baby Hat



3. Baby Cherry Hat


So which one should I make?! I would love to hear your thoughts – leave me a comment and vote on your favorite baby hat.



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