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Book Review: The Cool Girl’s Guide to Crochet



I got this book, The Cool Girl’s Guide to Crochet, a while back for my birthday, and I have been meaning to share my thoughts about it. Overall, it’s a fun book.

The beginning of the book gives some basic tutorials on crocheting, which is helpful for anyone getting into crochet. I have heard some negative reviews on Amazon, stating that the book isn’t very good for someone brand new to crochet, so keep that in mind.

The book also has several crochet projects, and some of them are actually cool (Sometimes things that label themselves cool are actually quite the opposite. There’s a pattern for a beanie hat, a scarf, a couple of blankets, different purses, and some other fun items. The wide variety of projects makes it good for me, because I like to try new things.

As I said, on Amazon, there were several negative reviews, but overall for me, I love The Cool Girl’s Guide to Crochet.

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Celebrate Earth Day – Craft & Recycle!


Earth Day is just around the corner (April 22nd). In honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d highlight some of the crafts you can make from used material. Craft something that’s earth friendly today!


Tealight Decoration using recycled cardboard tubing.

Magazine Bowl – a bowl made of magazine pages. Amazing!

Make your own Paper – Use up your paper scraps and make new paper.

Handbag made from books – This is the coolest! Refashion an old book into a cool purse.


Peasant top – Cute shirt made from a thrift store muumuu.

T-shirt into Tube Top – It even has cute pockets.

Refashioned T-shirt – Make an oversized shirt fit you.

Field Bag – Use your old clothing to make this cool field bag.

Denim Potholder – Cute way to reuse your old jeans.

Knit Tea Cozy – Use up your leftover yarn stash!


Crocheted Plastic Bag Tote – Cute bag made from plastic bags.

Messenger Bag – Another crocheted bag using plastic bags.

Fusing plastic bags – This tutorial teaches you how to fuse plastic bags together, which can then be used to make all kinds of cool stuff!

VCR Tape Evening Bag – Have a bunch of old VHS tapes you don’t need? Crochet the tape into this fabulous bag!


Aluminum Can Jewelry – A beautiful way to reuse an aluminum can. And it’s wearable.

*Photo by aussiegall

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to

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Perfect Baby Hat

I’m having my first baby in August. Because of that, a lot of my craft ideas have turned toward baby things. What I’d like to make is a baby hat that won’t be too warm to wear during the summer. Here are three different crochet patters I’m thinking about. Ignoring the color (because I’ll probably choose different colors), which hat pattern do you like the best?

1. Baby Swirls



2. Bev’s Easy Round Baby Hat



3. Baby Cherry Hat


So which one should I make?! I would love to hear your thoughts – leave me a comment and vote on your favorite baby hat.



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Seamless purse – tutorial 2

I am still deeply in love with crochet I just love the simplicity of it; 1 hook 1 skein of yarn and off you go. Anyway a little while ago I crocheted this seamless bag with chunky wool and a huge hook but never wrote a pattern down. The size is 37cm wide by 31cm high)

crochted bag

See, I love crocheting but I am not really into sewing the sides up for bags. So please find below the pattern for a seamless purse. I guess it’s probably totally the wrong way to make a bag/purse but it is soo easy! Here is a view of the bottom and I think it looks fine.

bottom seamless purse

The end result looks like this and the only thing you have to do at the end is sew the buttons on and weave the ends in.

seamless crocheted purse

I used:

  • 6mm hook
  • 2 skeins of very yummy merino wool
  • 3 buttons

After it’s finished you might want to line the purse. I am not very good at sewing so if somebody has a good tutorial for lining a crocheted purse please let me know. I think this would also look very nice without the flap and a zip in it but again I struggle with zips a lot so this was the easier option.

Alrighty here we go; the pattern:

ch 40

row 1: 1 hdc into every top loop of chain then without turning go around the other side and 1 hdc in every bottom loop of chain

no chains at the end of a row just keep going around and around untill your work has the desired height, mine is about 10cm high.

No you are going to make the flap: 

sc in first 40ch of front of work to make a nicer edge and hdc in back of work turn work over

ch 2, 40 hdc turn over keep going untill you have 6 rows like this.

ch 2, 9 hdc, 2 ch (for button hole), 8 hdc, 2 ch (for buttonhole), 8 hdc, 2 ch(for buttonhole), 9 hdc

ch 2, 40 hdc

ch 1, then sc in every hdc around for nicer edge

Now sew your buttons on.

Taadaaa! The finished result. (Size is 26cm wide and 11.5cm high.)

Since I am not the greatest pattern writer please let me know if you see any mistakes or ways to discribe it better. I think I will sew some lining in mine and maybe make some pretty embroidery on the front put the plain one is rather nice too I think. And if you are going to have a go at this please leave a link in the comments section of this post so I can have a look at your purse/bag 🙂

purse and bag together


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Little Bee – Tutorial 1

Here is a tutorial for a little bee I have written myself the other day. Please find a photo below of what the end result should look like. I used some scrap yarn I picked up from the thrift store and 4mm hook. I am very curious to see what you think or maybe I forgot to mention something in the tutorial that would make it clearer. Please let me know but be kind, it’s my first one…. 🙂

crochet little bee

Stitches explained:

Sl stitch= slip stitch, SC= Single Crochet, Ch= Chain


Chain 4 close to make ring with slip stitch

  • row 1: 6sc in ring (6)
  • row 2: 2 sc in every sc (12)
  • row 3: 2sc in every 2nd sc (18)
  • row 4: 1sc in every sc (18)
  • row 5: 1sc in every sc (18)
  • row 6: 1sc in every sc (18)
  • row 7: 2nd + 3rd sc together (12)
  • row 8: 1sc in every sc (12)
  • row 9: 2 sc in every 3sc (16)
  • row 10: 1 sc in every sc (16)
  • row 11: 2sc in every 4th sc (20)
  • row 12 1 sc in every sc (20)
  • Start filling body
  • row 13: 4th of 5th sc together (16)
  • row 14: 3rd + 4th together (12)
  • Fill body again
  • row 15: 2nd + 3rd together (6)
  • row 16: 3 x 2sc together
  • Finish off


Chain 4 close to make ring with slip stitch

  • row 1: 6 sc in ring
  • row 2: 2sc in every sc (12)
  • row 3: 2x *1sc, 2sc in next sc* next sc 1x slip stitch
  • row 4: ch4 close ring with 1sc into 1st of chain
  • turn work over, 9 sc in ring cut yarn off keep appr 20cm length.
  • Attach small circle to larger circel.

Attach body and wings together, and make a smiley face and TAaaadaaa you are done!

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to


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National Crochet week 17-23 March

I just found out this week is National Crochet week so I’d better start hooking away and see if I can find a nice and quick tutorial. I am not a very good crocheter and with not good I actually mean  not very fast but I do enjoy it.

So here are some excellent links to tutorials.

Crochet Me te online magazine for cool, hip, fashionable crochet. Or follow this link to go straight to this tutorial for Neck-laces see picture below:

neck lace

Dork Wallet tutorial by Rupert Jetson


Crochet Ball tutorial by Roxycraft

crochet ball

Fried Egg Cuffs by Monster Crochet

fired egg cuffs

Bobble Handband by Galvanic


Baby Sweater by Julie Holetz

baby sweater

 Good luck!

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Stripe generator

I was looking around on the internet when I found a link to this page 

I think it’s awesome and a great tool for knitters and crocheters who want to have a look what their stripey pattern is going to look like!

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