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Learn to knit 2

Thank you for all your comments on my post last week asking for good website’s, books etc to start me up on my knitting adventure. This weekend I have been to the local library to find some books since my computer had crashed at home and I was keen to get going. It seems that with winter coming on our side of the world everybody is getting back to knitting so the shelves were quite empty but I found “Debbie Bliss – How to Knit”

book bliss

and “Melanie Falick – Kids Knitting, projects for kids of all ages”

book falick

The books were o.k. but not very inspiring to start learning. So when I came back to work on Monday I decided to take my 4mm knitting needles and cheap acrylic yarn and went to the Knitting Help website. I browsed through some off the files and see here the result:


YAY I CAN KNIT!! Only one sort of stitch so far but I am off!

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to



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Book review 2

While browsing through the “returned-today” area of our local library I found this book. It’s called “complete feltmaking – easy techniques and 25 great great projects” by Gillian Harris, ISBN 1-84340-369-2.

The inside flap reads; “Complete feltmaking covers all aspects of feltmaking, including making flat felt, creating 3-D shapes, felting klitted work, needle felting and slightly more advanced techniques such as cobweb felting. From a cheerful polka-dot bag and plush slippers to a whimsical mobile and heart-warming tea cosy, this spirited primer offers a vibrant range of projects for beginner and advanced felters. Once the crafter has become comfortable with basic techniques, she/he can graduate to more complex felting projects in the advanced chapter. Each technique is crafeully explained in detail with step-by-step instructions and accompanied by several innovative projects to keep you constantly inspired. This book includes everything you need to bring felt to your wardrobe and home.”

If you are interested you might also want to check out her website here .

And I don’t have anything to add to that, enjoy the pictures.



page 2

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to

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Book review

Yesterday Paul and I went on the plane to Auckland for the day. We went to see some customers for our business and had the rest of the day off to cruise around the city. It was lovely being back in the “big smoke”; lots of inspiration, beautiful shops and just the general pace of life is different than the small town I live in. Don’t get me wrong I would never trade the quieter lifestyle I have now for the polution and chaos of the city but it’s nice to get out and about. After our meetings we hopped on the ferry that takes you from the North Shore into the City. It was such a nice day 24C, the sun was shining and it’s fantastic to see the skyline from the water. I always seem to forget how much I like being on the water.

After a quick lunch we popped into this lovely big (airconditioned) bookstore, I was heading straight for the arts and crafts section leaving Paul at the magazines. They had a great selection but I had to settle on this one The Home Guide to Craft by Katherine Sorrell. It has 432 pages with beautiful photo’s and clear tutorials. I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it so much I don’t even know where to start, they are so many techniques I want to try out. It has all these cool things like acrylic moulding, screen printing, paper making and glass painting in it,

Anyway here are some pretty pics to get you excited!!

cover book

 xasting & moulding




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