Tutorial Try Out 2 – Journal by Five and a Half

After getting a heap of tutorials submitted by e-mail last week one immediately stood out. I think it was sent to me by Mariek Uniek http://www.mariekuniek.nl ,thanks for that!

After reading through the reCOLLECTED, REcreated blog http://www.fiveandahalf.net/blog/ I was even more enthusiastic. An absolutely wonderful website; fantastic web-design, easy on the eye and Judy shares a wealth of information in her blog about owning a creative business.

Anyway let’s start making photo journals.

The tutorial stated I needed the following materials:

  • 2 photographs (got that)
  • sheets of paper (yep)
  • strip of paper (yep)
  • 2 wooden pegs (ok plastic ones will do I hope)
  • 2 wooden boards or old books (yep)
  • sheet of wax paper (mmm nope nut I think I’ll manage)
  • brush (yep)
  • white glue (craft glue or PVA bookbinding glue) (used another glue)

Here it is all ready to get started:


This tutorial try out my husband Paul was having a go to. I decided to use some photo’s I shot on one of our trips and Paul had 2 photo’s of our boys. First I trimmed all the  papers to the same size and put the photo’s on the front and back of the stack facing outside. Look like this:

paper same size

Put my handy clips on like so:

clips on paper

Replaced them for plastic washing pegs and (you can already see the male infuence in this pic) G-clamps.


Easier to hold the whole thing together nicely when I was putting the glue on. Again PVA or craft glue was not good enough for hubby so we had to have some super strong glue this one:

super glue

After putting 2 layers off glue on with the brush I took the clamps off and loaded a pile off books on top and  it was time to drink some champagne! Crafting is fun! Mmmm


Half an hour later it was time to put the last piece of paper on the spine of my book. I though this was the hardest part to get it all nicely lined up and looking pretty (I only had 1 glass so this should not have influenced the result :-). Another 10 min under the pile off books.

pile of books

 and taaaadaaaa here are our handmade photo journals!


I love it! Thanks again Five and a half for an awesome tutorial.


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