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Introducing Holli Jo

Hi, I’m Holli Jo, and I’m a new writer for Craft Tutorials. I’m really excited to get started! But first, a little about me.

I’m from the western United States, but just moved across the country to Georgia with my husband. We’re slowly getting used to the change! My hobbies and interests are very scattered. I love health, exercise, reading, writing, hiking, movies, cuddling, and of course, crafts! My crafty interests include crocheting, sewing, paper crafts, recycling items and turning them into crafts, knitting (I still haven’t mastered knitting, but I’m determined to!), and pretty much any other craft that catches my interest.

My personal blog is here if you want to know more about me and what I’m all about. I’m excited to be part of Craft Tutorials, and will be back soon to try out some tutorials and create some tutorials of my own!

Holli Jo



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hi, from Buenos Aires

Before posting I wanted to introduce myself. My name’s Dominique and I’m an art director from Argentina, I love sewing and knitting among other crafts, as I told Eve if anyone considers that my post should be in spanish or french, I would be pleased to translate them. ok? well I hope you’ll like my posts!

hugs, Dominique

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to


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Introductions Abound

Hello fellow CT addicts! My name is Donna and I’m another new co-writer, feeling lucky to be joining an impressive roster of talented crafters. I live in Los Angeles, CA and work as a graphic designer/illustrator by day and a crafter/printmaker by night. My sister and I have an online art and accessories business together called Four Idle Hands. The accompanying blog is Devilishly Good Stuff and we like to talk about anything and everything!

Like Lisa, I tend to have Crafting ADD and jump from project to project, so this seems like it will be a good place to document the insanity. I also spend an inordinate amount of time surfing the internet so I’ll be sure to share any interesting craft news I find.


Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to

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Hello, all!

Just another intro post from a newbie.  My name is Lisa and I live in Nebraska.  I am 29 years old, wife, mom, cat owner, etc.  I have a lot of hobbies…I think my main fault (if you can call it that) is bouncing all over the place, trying different things.  Which of course makes this type of blog just right, because there seems to be a little bit of everything to do here!!  I also have my own blog at, where I post a lot of illustrations, paintings, scrapbooking, jewelry, and other stuff.  Plus I enjoy stamping, crocheting, knitting (or trying to, anyway), some sewing (still learning, but I’m really good at ripping out crooked seams!), embroidery, and anything that involves a glue gun!

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Another Introduction

Well, I am afraid that most of you are a bit antsy to read some real content posts instead of more introductory ones so I’ll be brief. My name is Miki and I am another of the new writers who will be making a home around here. 

I am a 21 year old Communication major living in between the states of North Carolina and Virginia, USA. I knit, fold origami, crochet, and dabble in some amateur jewelry making.I also run a blog at Two Needles.

I hope to introduce you guys to some neat tutorial links next time I post (I’ve been saving them up for a long time :). But for now I’d like to leave you with an awesome knitting technical site called Tech Knitting.

 It is run by a very clever woman who illustrates her own designs and obviously has a handy grip on solving problems. If you ever run  a sticky knitting problem and it’s too late to call up anyone, then this is the place to go.  Solutions range from how to join yarn, to picking up a missed increase or decrease that you should have done a couple of rows down, to reading knitting charts, or even how to how to get the stink out of wooly clothes :).  

Knittinghelp also has handy video guides for you to watch in case you are unsure if you are purling or knitting correctly.She has a great tutorial on the different techniques of knitting, i.e. English, Continental and even Norwegian Purling!  Also be sure to check our her extensive collection of increases and decreases, she really does us knitters a favor by matching them up so you can be sure that your chosen increase and decrease match on each side for perfect design symmetry.

I learned how to knit using this site and it worked for me. Remember, I’m not only an advocate of Knitting Help, but I’m also a customer :).

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From Honduras

I guess I should do as Lynsey and introduce myself since I (too! 😀 ) will be adding stuff here…

My name is Alejandra, I’m 25 and live in Honduras…

I’ve been quite curious and that brougth me here… I always want to try new things and see how they turn out… I could say that I’ve tried everything I have been able, keeping in mind that I can’t find many crafty resources in my country… I learned to work with wire on my own, using quite awful hardware store pliers and using alpaca wire… And now have a pretty decent jewelry business… (using sterling silver!)  I also knit, play with felt and sew once in a while…

I hope I can be of help to all of you!


P.S. I speak spanish (obviously! or not so obviously… :-p) so if you need translating patterns or tutorials, I’d love to help.

P.S.2 My quite random blog is here.

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to


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Hello from rainy England

Hi everyone,

I just thought I’d better introduce myself – I’m going to be adding lots (hopefully) of craft tutorials on to here. I’m Lynsey, 29, with two daughters and I am a work from home mum. My crafting career started off with making the birth announcements for my elder daughters birth and it has kind of spiralled from there! I now really enjoy just playing with things and I love using found objects in my work – oh and I love recycling things too. And the recycling side is just a good excuse to go rummaging in charity chops for fabric!

My personal blog is here if you fancy reading what other things I get up to and hopefully I will be back soon with my first tutorial!



Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to

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