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Yesterday Paul and I went on the plane to Auckland for the day. We went to see some customers for our business and had the rest of the day off to cruise around the city. It was lovely being back in the “big smoke”; lots of inspiration, beautiful shops and just the general pace of life is different than the small town I live in. Don’t get me wrong I would never trade the quieter lifestyle I have now for the polution and chaos of the city but it’s nice to get out and about. After our meetings we hopped on the ferry that takes you from the North Shore into the City. It was such a nice day 24C, the sun was shining and it’s fantastic to see the skyline from the water. I always seem to forget how much I like being on the water.

After a quick lunch we popped into this lovely big (airconditioned) bookstore, I was heading straight for the arts and crafts section leaving Paul at the magazines. They had a great selection but I had to settle on this one The Home Guide to Craft by Katherine Sorrell. It has 432 pages with beautiful photo’s and clear tutorials. I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it so much I don’t even know where to start, they are so many techniques I want to try out. It has all these cool things like acrylic moulding, screen printing, paper making and glass painting in it,

Anyway here are some pretty pics to get you excited!!

cover book

 xasting & moulding





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3 responses to “Book review

  1. I will have to try and find that one. Fun things!

  2. ages ago i found this in the bargain section at barnes and nobles and was soooo excited by the cool stuff in it. i love how hardcore it is, geared more towards art grrls that the martha stewart set (don’t get me wrong, i love martha) i linked to it on my blog a while ago to amazon, where i think it was aboout 10 bucks. shocking! your blog is great!

  3. Weird. I have this book. Same pictures, same cover, but it is called “Complete Craft.” I wonder why they have two versions?

    I like this one because it gets a bit more into the roots of craft. Instead of projects that involve just buying felt or fabric, it teaches you how to make it yourself.

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