Little Bee – Tutorial 1

Here is a tutorial for a little bee I have written myself the other day. Please find a photo below of what the end result should look like. I used some scrap yarn I picked up from the thrift store and 4mm hook. I am very curious to see what you think or maybe I forgot to mention something in the tutorial that would make it clearer. Please let me know but be kind, it’s my first one…. 🙂

crochet little bee

Stitches explained:

Sl stitch= slip stitch, SC= Single Crochet, Ch= Chain


Chain 4 close to make ring with slip stitch

  • row 1: 6sc in ring (6)
  • row 2: 2 sc in every sc (12)
  • row 3: 2sc in every 2nd sc (18)
  • row 4: 1sc in every sc (18)
  • row 5: 1sc in every sc (18)
  • row 6: 1sc in every sc (18)
  • row 7: 2nd + 3rd sc together (12)
  • row 8: 1sc in every sc (12)
  • row 9: 2 sc in every 3sc (16)
  • row 10: 1 sc in every sc (16)
  • row 11: 2sc in every 4th sc (20)
  • row 12 1 sc in every sc (20)
  • Start filling body
  • row 13: 4th of 5th sc together (16)
  • row 14: 3rd + 4th together (12)
  • Fill body again
  • row 15: 2nd + 3rd together (6)
  • row 16: 3 x 2sc together
  • Finish off


Chain 4 close to make ring with slip stitch

  • row 1: 6 sc in ring
  • row 2: 2sc in every sc (12)
  • row 3: 2x *1sc, 2sc in next sc* next sc 1x slip stitch
  • row 4: ch4 close ring with 1sc into 1st of chain
  • turn work over, 9 sc in ring cut yarn off keep appr 20cm length.
  • Attach small circle to larger circel.

Attach body and wings together, and make a smiley face and TAaaadaaa you are done!

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to


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8 responses to “Little Bee – Tutorial 1

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  2. Hi Eve,

    This little bee is adorable! I very much like your pattern, and wrote a review of it on my blog (link is and I’ve just made a variation with stripes (, if you want to see.

    Thanks much for posting your pattern.

  3. beth

    thank you — these are so cute!

  4. your little bee is so cute.Thank you for sharing your pattern.

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  6. Marie englin

    Very cute, need to make some.
    Thanks, Marie

  7. JC

    I made it and it turn out really cute, but i don’t know when to change the color, so end up, the head the body same color.

    but still cute.

    thanks a lots.

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