reader call out

I just realised I had almost 2000 hits since the birth of this blog I have to say I feel very honoured. So in order to keep going, expanding the tutorial list and doing more reviews on books and tutorials I wanted to ask you visitor of my blog for some help.

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for stopping by it’s lovely to have you here, please feel free to browse through the extensive list of tutorials. I may have to even change the lay-out of the page since we are getting so many good new tutorials per e-mail every day but that’s enws for a later date. In the meantime I would like to ask you for your help ,dear Visitor, can you please leave a comment if you feel you saw something you liked or maybe if you like to see a particular category extended?

Thank you so much and please do come again!

Kind regards, Eve



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2 responses to “reader call out

  1. I found you via that ref on Whip up so I am still working my way through the tutes. I like the way you have put them in categories and the quality of them so far has been excellent, keep up the great work and thanks!

  2. There are so many wonderful things here, thanks for starting this blog!

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