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Craft Links around the web

I wanted to mention a few things going on in the craft world.

First, have you checked out CrochetMe lately? The site got a whole new look, but more importantly, they changed it so that the members of the community (i.e. you) are the ones who submit patterns, tips and ideas. Pretty cool! I just signed up.

Also, there’s a contest going on that involves turning an old board game into something crafty and cool. The contest, which you can find here, goes from October 1-5, so find an old board game and get creative!

Do you have a craft business (or really want to create one)? Check out Craft Boom. Written by the creator of U-Handbag, it gives ideas, tips and very helpful information on making your own successful craft business.

Holli Jo

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to


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Brobee Craft

So the new obsession around our house is the kids’ show Yo Gabba Gabba! I decided to make a little Brobee for my daughter using a styrofoam egg.


I just painted the styrofoam egg light green. Using permanent markers, I drew on the eyebrow and mouth, then I glued on the wiggle eyes. I cut out three dark green felt stripes with pinking shears and glued them around the lower half of his body.

For the base, I cut a heart shape out of green foam. Glue the bottom of the egg to the base of the heart, then glue pom poms on for the feet. Tinsel pom poms rock (the shinier the better)!

For the arms, I painted light green stripes onto green pipe cleaners, but a cleaner way to do it would be to twist a dark green and light green pipe cleaners together. Then I cut out 4 felt hands. Sandwich one end of an arm between two felt hands. Use a pencil to poke a hole in the side of the egg. Put some glue in the hole and insert the arm. Do this for the other arm.

Cut 3 1″ pieces of red pipe cleaners, then fold each piece in half. Glue the three red points to the top of his head. He’s done!

And of course, as soon as my daughter woke up from her nap and saw this guy, she immediately wanted to watch the show again. Hey, at least it gives me a good half hour of “me” time!



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Craft Festival write up

p1010011copy.jpg p1010010copy.jpg p1010004copy.jpg

Okay, the Yellow Daisy Craft Festival was ginormous! There were over 500 booths, and it was over two miles worth of walking through it all. It was a bit overwhelming.

There were all KINDS of different crafters and crafts there. I’m talking jewelry, furniture, clothing, clay, blown glass, marbles, wooden sculptures, quilts, purses, paintings, and lots more. I was a little sad to note that there weren’t any crocheted crafts. But otherwise it seemed like every other craft under the sun was represented.

It was fun to see all the different crafts, and I got a few ideas for making stuff of my own, but what impressed me most was the fact that over 500 people were together in one place, doing what they LOVE and making a living from it to boot. Pretty inspiring. If you ever get a chance, attend a craft festival.

I’m not going to be making money from my crafts anytime soon, but I’m inspired to branch out in my crafting, and to keep doing what I love.

So this is me saying, craft on!

Holli Jo


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Craft Festival

I’m attending my first craft festival tomorrow! I’m so excited. It’s called Yellow Daisy Festival, and it takes place at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. They say it was voted the #1 arts and crafts festival in the nation…we’ll see!

Anyone ever attended this? I’m not sure what to expect, but I’ll post pictures if I run across anything cool!

Also, feel free to comment and write about any arts and crafts festivals you’ve attended. I’d love to hear your experiences.

Holli Jo
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the poll has closed

and we are having a


over here here, come and have a look….

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