Food deying flowers – Tutorial 2

Last Sunday I went for a bike ride with my twin boys, which means that they went on their bikes and I ran behind them but well. I spotted these little fluffy things and thought what can I do with those? So we picked some and took them home.

 bunny tails

So they look pretty in a vase but let’s add some colour with food dye abit of an old trick but heaps of fun right!? I got 2 tall tumblers with 1/4cup of cold water and a teaspoon of blue and a teaspoon of red in the other glass.

materials needed

Then we started dipping about a 1/3 in red, 1/3 in blue and after that mixing blue and red together to make purple but unfortunately turned out to be a browny color for the last 1/3. After dipping they are completely soaked and you sort of roll them between your thumb and finger to get all the excess off. See here the 3 colors when wet.

wet fluffies

After this I made them into a little bouquet, as you can see the colors go quite pale after they dry.


Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to


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One response to “Food deying flowers – Tutorial 2

  1. radmama

    I grew up calling those plants Bunny Tails. Very fitting for Easter!

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