What Craft Projects are YOU Working On?

craft room

To help inspire me (and maybe inspire you as well) I thought it would be fun to share the craft projects you are currently working on. I am still working on getting my craft area set up. That could take a while!

So what are you working on? Leave a comment and let us know what craft you’re working on these days. And if you have pictures of the craft, even better! Post a link so we can see.

Let’s inspire each other!

Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to crafttutorials.net



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5 responses to “What Craft Projects are YOU Working On?

  1. Marjolijn

    Hi there 😀

    What am i doing, too much to make a list actually ! I am the kind of crafter that just
    hops from one thing to another. What i can
    do for you is give you a list of interests so
    that you know what i would like to see, how
    about that ? Okey, fields of interest are :
    retro crafts
    geek crafts
    altered books
    felt crafts
    holiday ornaments (christmas, halloween, easter etc)
    recycle crafts
    time-of-the-year related crafts
    nature crafts
    easy knitting and crochet
    craft books
    I hope you find this helpfull and i wish you happy crafting and blogging !

  2. Julie

    Currently I’m working on some tote bags, and some jewlery that I’m working on for mothers day. I’ve been working really hard on improving my sewing because I want to set up an etsy shop! And Mother’s day is great cuz I can give my WIP’s to my mom so I can get more practice in!

  3. cassidy

    This is my first visit to this blog, and I love it so far! Right now I am working on a denim quilt. I’ve almost all of the denim squares cut out and need to go fabric shopping for the other squares and for the backing. My goal is to have it finished before August, which is when I move.

  4. Well I am in the process of making two Aivilo handbags for my sister in law and my mother for mother’s day. When i’m done I will post some pictures!

  5. holli jo

    Thanks for all your comments, guys! You are all very inspiring. Can’t wait to see pictures. 🙂

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