Your Craft Space


I just moved from one apartment to another this weekend. Moving is stressful and difficult, to say the least. However, it’s gotten me to think about my craft space and how I want to organize it.

I wish I had a whole room to dedicate to crafting, but I’m lucky to get just a corner of a room. I want the space to be organized as well as creative, but that’s a tall order, especially with limited space. I’m inspired by some of the great ideas at Country Living’s Make a craft room photo gallery. Check it out and look at all the cool things you can do with your craft space.

What about your craft space? Do you have a whole room set aside for crafts, or just a desk or a closet? Does your space inspire you, and if not, what could you change in order to make it inspiring?

*Image courtesy of decor8

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4 responses to “Your Craft Space

  1. I have crafts strewn about the house. I supposedly have an armoire in the dining room dedicated to sewing but have outgrown it and have my ironing board up in the dining room 90% of the time and we usually have to clear the table to eat dinner on it.

  2. Even though you have a limited amount of space, I have lots of ideas for organizing a sewing and/or craft room. There are six parts which include everything from ribbon storage to buttons.


    With friendship,

  3. Gabby

    My hubby and I will be looking to buy a house soon, and I have grand ideas for a craft room. That being said, we won’t be buying anything grand, and, unless we get lucky, I probably won’t have a dedicated craft room. BUT, this will be our first house, so I can always be thinking about when we upgrade. ^_^

  4. I do have an entire room to do my crafts, but at the moment it is in such disarray I cannot work there. I am in the process of dejunking and rearranging now in order to make it more user friendly. I love looking at other craft spaces for ideas. Thanks for the links! Joyce in Iowa

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