Craft Funk

Have you ever been in a craft funk? That’s what I call it when I have projects I’m in the middle of but I don’t feel like doing them, or when I see all kinds of cute crafts around me but I still don’t feel inspired to craft.

If you’ve been in a craft funk, how do you cope with it? Here are some of the things I’m thinking about doing:

  • Waiting it out. This isn’t ideal, because I want to get crafting! But surely the funk will disappear sometime on its own, right?!
  • Trying something completely different. Maybe I just need a change of pace. I usually crochet or do paper crafts, so I may try my hand at sewing if I get brave enough. That just might push me out of the craft funk I’m in.
  • Make time for crafting. Sometimes I want to do something crafty but I just can’t find the time. So I’m going to make a special effort to designate some craft time for me.
  • Make something easy. Sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction to get your craft juices going. An easy project might get me on the path back to crafty goodness!

Those are my thoughts on getting rid of this nasty craft funk. Anyone else have some tips they’d like to share?

–Holli Jo

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5 responses to “Craft Funk

  1. I call it “losing my mojo” and I will keep trying and nothing works out. I walk away a day or so, then work on something very simple (like a dishcloth or something) and if it’s still “lost mojo”-walk away, read a book and then suddenly it comes back. Just walk away for a few days…….it comes back, really.

  2. kittyballistic

    Yup, I lose my mojo as well – I’m British, so a ‘craft’ funk’ to me would be something cool. 😉 I have lost my knitting mojo somewhere, but I’m making felt toys like a demon, so I don’t mind so much. I know what you mean about wanting to make….something. A girl’s gotta craft. *nods*

  3. holli jo

    @Deneen – I like that you call it “losing your mojo.” That’s a great way to think of it. I like your idea of walking away from it – I’ll have to try that.

    @kittyballistic – That’s so funny that ‘craft funk’ is something cool in British-speak. 🙂 I agree, it doesn’t do to not craft – so making something different while you wait for your knitting mojo to return is a great idea.

  4. I usually just say that I’m not inspired. I love to create things, but sometimes I get in bouts of “I don’t wanna” because I can’t think of what I want to do. Sometimes I just get frustrated because I don’t know how to accomplish what I want to accomplish (especially with design, some things inevitably come out different than I intended — at those points, sometimes I have to just let it sit for a few days).

  5. holli jo

    @Gabby – I sometimes feel like “I don’t wanna” too. I would say that mainly it’s because of time constraints. I have so much else going on that crafting is not high on my list of priorities. Thanks for visiting this blog, by the way!

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