Perfect Baby Hat

I’m having my first baby in August. Because of that, a lot of my craft ideas have turned toward baby things. What I’d like to make is a baby hat that won’t be too warm to wear during the summer. Here are three different crochet patters I’m thinking about. Ignoring the color (because I’ll probably choose different colors), which hat pattern do you like the best?

1. Baby Swirls



2. Bev’s Easy Round Baby Hat



3. Baby Cherry Hat


So which one should I make?! I would love to hear your thoughts – leave me a comment and vote on your favorite baby hat.




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17 responses to “Perfect Baby Hat

  1. I’ve made the Baby Swirls, but for an adult (double stranded worsted weight yarn with a K hook). The construction is ingenious and it is very snug, perfect for a baby.

  2. I love the baby cherry hat – though that would probably only work if you’re having a girl:) I also like Bev’s pattern – I made that once and it worked up so quickly and easily.

  3. holli jo

    Thanks for your input, pfirsch and raesha. I’m glad to know that there are people who have tried the patterns. I’m still so torn on these…maybe I’ll have to try all three!

  4. I have made several of Bev’s patterns for preemie hats and they work up quickly, however I adore the Swirls hat and now, have bookmarked it.

    I like the cherry hat and it’s adorable-I just wonder if the feeling of them bouncing around on the baby’s head would feel funny to the baby?

  5. oh- Im a fan of the cherry hat too!

  6. holli jo

    Deneen & stephanie – the cherry hat is cute, isn’t it?! But you’re right, Deneen, I wonder if the cherry on top would bug the baby…

  7. I love bev’s patterns, they always work up nicely. But I LOVE that cherry hat! I vote for #3.

  8. Congratulations Holli on your upcoming arrival! My vote is for Bev’s Easy Round Baby hat. I do the love the one with the cherries but I thought the same as the others. It might bother the baby some.

  9. holli jo

    Fuji Mama – Yay, somebody else who has completed one of the patterns. It really does help to know that others of you have tried these patterns. Especially if I get stuck…

    Tricia – Thanks for the congrats. 🙂 And thanks for voting.

    I’m just not sure how I’m going to decide!

  10. I’ve made the baby swirls hat before. It’s an easy pattern and I personally love patterns with swirls in them. I’ve never actually see this hat on a baby head, but I think it is on the small side.
    I would put my vote on the cherries hat, since I’ve never made it and I’d like to see what you have to say about it.

  11. Congratulations! definitely the cherry one, so cute!
    I am having a niece, so probably i will try this pattern.

  12. I love the baby Cherry one! It’s so cute!

  13. holli jo

    @Camino Uribe
    @Tiff@Three Peas in a Pod

    Well that’s three votes for the cherry hat! It IS quite adorable. Thanks for your thoughts!

  14. I vote for the cherries! Too cute!

  15. holli jo

    Looks like cherry hat is winning…I still love all three. I’m hopefully going to buy yarn this weekend and get started. I’ll let you all know the results!

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  17. HI! I like the hat with the cherries…but after washing…I think it would be a mess. I like Bev’s Hat…I have made it many times…also her easy baby booties! they both turn out so cute…they both are on the small side..I think. congrats on the “NEW BABY!” Have a nice day!

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