Crafty News Update

– The winners of Craftster’s Reusable Shopping Bag challenge are listed here. I love what everyone’s doing with fused plastic bags these days.

– Check out this super-mega-adorable Faux Fur Bag from Lisa at U-Handbag. I don’t usually go for wild trims on bags but I’m totally digging this.

– Remember those great eyeball pincushions from my Pincushion Roundup post? They were made by VeryBigJen, and as it turns out they’re being featured in a pincushion book that will be out this fall! I’m really excited to see this book. You can pre-order it from Amazon. (FYI, the link goes to Jen’s affiliate account. No harm in spreading the love.)

Betz White has a new book coming out this year too! (Looks like an all-book Christmas list for me this year!) You can pre-order this one from Amazon also. (I got the link from her web site, so I think it might be her affiliate link.)

– And last but not least….have you heard about the Periodic Table Printmaking Project? A group of printmakers on Etsy are working together to create all of the elements in the periodic table as prints. This will be amazing to see the finished product.



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  1. eve

    Thanks Donna, I always enjoy your posts so informative!!

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