Pin Cushion Roundup

Eyeball Pincushions

This eyeball pincushion tutorial from Jen made the rounds a few months ago but I didn’t see it listed here on CT so I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it. (Great idea to use Flickr to generate the tutorial!) Jen makes all sorts of beautiful pincushions and thankfully now has an Etsy store if you don’t think you have the time (or patience) for one of these.

Am I the last person on earth to hear about The Pincushion Challenge? Every month there’s a different theme and to participate you just make your pincushion and upload a photo to the flickr group. Lots of great inspiration to be found in the previous months’ photo sets too.

Here’s an awesome tutorial, with tons of great photos, for a square pincushion from paper. string. cloth.

Would you rather knit your pincushion? Wait until you see this wearable poppy pincushion from Sarah with an H.

And in one last bit of pincushion news I noticed that Betz White is working on some new flower pot pincushions and of course they’re adorable!

Question: What do you prefer to use for stuffing your pincushions? I notice lots of people are using poly-fill but I’m wondering what the pros and cons are of using sand or emery?




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7 responses to “Pin Cushion Roundup

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  2. sand and emry are filling so old, when needles and pins weren’t hardened or plated. Modern played needles are more likely to be damaged than anything else by them. If you want weight, you can make a big felt ravioli filled with rice, lentils or plastic doll beads for some added weight and just fill with polyfil.

  3. aHA! Thanks Jen! Exactly the kind of detailed info I was hoping for. 🙂
    Martha Stewart apparently doesn’t know this about plated needles because one of her pincushion tutorials says to use sand or emery. heh

  4. in the old days you wanted to clean them of the tarnish, well they don’t tarnish now. they also dulled with use, the new ones don’t do that either.

    Martha in some ways is stuck in the 50’s.

    the ravioli of beans I mentioned was to go int another pincushion filled with fiberfil. Always pack in as much fiber fill as you can so when you spill it it doesn’t let go of your pins.

  5. I was just stumbling around in blogland and came across this reference to my pincushion tutorial totally by accident!
    Thanks so much for linking to my blog!
    Leah xx

  6. I just made a pincushion the other day. In the spirit of recycling, I stuffed it with cut up bits of scrap felt and cut up foam packing peanuts. So far it’s working very well.

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