Gocco crazy!

It’s the must-have crafting accessory of the moment. Well it is if you want to make your own screen prints quickly, easily and (fairly) cheaply. I’m talking about the magic Japanese device they call Print Gocco. However this isn’t some new fangled machine, in fact it’s makers, Riso, first introduced it in 1977. It has had a lot of attention of late though and I (like many of you I’m sure) have been reading about Print Goccos all over the Crafty Internet world. I have been lusting after the beautiful cards on etsy.com and the like printed with them, so I drained my PayPal account and treated myself to the PG-5 model. I’m not going to go in to the different models here as I’m no expert, but see the links at the end of the article to find out more.

After about a week of waiting the moment arrived, I excitedly opened the box and took out the very bright red and yellow Gocco. Where to start? Well I’d been doodling in my sketchbook all week and had an idea of what image I wanted to use. As I don’t have a photocopier or a laser printer at home I decided to re-draw my favourite image on a piece of plain white paper with the carbon pen included in the kit.

I’m not going to go in to details of how to put the Gocco together, I used this tutorial by felt café (who I bought the machine from) so I highly recommend following that. One thing I will add- look away when the bulbs flash. I did, but my boyfriend didn’t and apparently it’s very bright! I was so excited when the bulbs went off, it meant I’d put it together properly (which was very easy). This is what the bulbs look like after they’ve flashed (you can only use them once and don’t touch them until they’re cool).

Used bulbs

So we have our exposed screen, next step is to ink it up. Again, follow the tutorial for more information. I kept it simple with just black ink but you can use multiple colours on one screen.

Gocco in action

The picture above shows the inked up screen back in the gocco. Then we just had to put the cardstock in place and get printing. It was really that easy! I made 12 cards and easily could have made a lot more, there was plenty of ink left on the screen.

Now, apparently you can clean the screens and store them for future use. Hmmmm. Well I didn’t have much luck with that so please, if you have any advice on this, add a comment below! I’ve heard baby oil is good so I’ll have to try that to clean the screens next time.

I left the cards to dry and then added watercolours. Here’s a finished card.

Watercolour added to gocco card

I still have lots to learn about Print Gocco, I want to buy more colours and try multi-colour and multi-screen prints, however it’s great how easy it is to get started with this little machine. Give it a try!


The small object- gocco tutorial
A flickr photo tutorial by kev/null
Tutorial by clsr-stamp
Felt café gocco tutorial


Just thought that I would let everyone know that Craft Tutorials has moved to crafttutorials.net



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2 responses to “Gocco crazy!

  1. Best way to clean the screens is to print onto a scrap piece of paper/card, and don’t remove it fromt he back.
    Take the whole screen out, with the card still attached.
    Scrape the excess paint off with the squigee you get with the pack. (If you did….if not, buy a little plastic one.)
    Then i used the gocco cleaner i had witht he kit, but i’ve started using olive-oil.
    Put oil/cleaner onto the screen then use lots of tissue paper to rub and wipe off the excess paint.
    When lots has come off, remove the card/paper stuck on the back, and throw it away.
    Clean the screen some more 🙂
    Hope that made sense.

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